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Speaker Idol Reqistration Open Until October 1- 2009

9/13/2009 jeffa

We DO in fact have enough people registered for the Speaker Idol contest to take place at the October meeting, but there is STILL TIME TO REGISTER if you would like to compete as well.

October 1 Is The New Deadline

If you would like to take part, just send me an email. Remember that you MUST have attended at least one prior GGMUG meeting, the time limit is 5 minutes for your talk, and the decision of the judges is FINAL (patented If-You-Enter-You-Agree-To-No-Whining EULA Rule).

Good Luck To All Our Contestants!!!

September Meeting: Silverlight And N-Tier Data Access - 9/10/09

9/2/2009 jeffa

Silverlight is a hot topic these days and our speaker for September is none other than Sergey Barskiy, Principal Consultant with Magenic, who will be talking about accessing data in n-Tier systems that use Silverlight for the UI.

Meeting stats will be the ususal:

  • Gwinnett Tech
  • Building 100
  • Room 401
  • 6:30 PM Meet, Greet and Eat
  • 7:00 PM Meeting kicks into high gear

Speaker Idol in October

We officially have enough contestants to hold our Speaker Idol contest in October! That doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't sign up, just that the contest will actually happen...

If you are interested in presenting a MAXIMUM 5 minute talk about a technical topic and possibly winning FABULOUS prizes, shoot me an email with your name and topic. You must have attended at least ONE GGMUG meeting prior to the October meeting to be eligible to win.

SQL Saturday October 10

Also coming up in October will be SQL Saturday at Gainesville State College.

Even if you aren't a DBA, I'll bet you spend a good bit of your time working with databases, so make a point of attending this great event!

Job Listing

Architect Opportunity

Responsible for requirements planning, system feasibility, and design analysis in the development and deployment of the company's enterprise-wide technology architecture. Serves as a technical advisor and subject matter expert on the effective use of technology in developing business solutions that meet the needs of the company's clients and customers.

Successful applicants are technology leaders who have 10 plus years of strong experience architecting, designing, and building enterprise class systems. We seek a candidate with experience across Microsoft technologies, Open Source technology, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Enterprise Design Patterns.

Email Jim Sandrock of Talent Acquisition Partners at if you are interested.

See You Next Thursday!

As always I'm convinced I'm forgetting something important that I probably promised someone to put in this blog post/email. If so, just send me an email and I'll rectify the situation.

See you Thursday!

Register TODAY For Speaker Idol in October

8/24/2009 jeffa

Register TODAY

Shoot an email to (or click Contact Us link) and let me know that you want your shot at fame, fortune and glory, GGMUG style!

Did I really say that? Yikes.

Seriously, we have some cool prizes and all you have to do is present a 5 minute technical topic that impresses our world reknowned panel of judges.

Basic rules are as follows:

  • You MUST have attended at least one prior GGMUG meeting (don't forget the September meeting on 9/10 -- how easy is THAT to remember?)
  • You can NOT go over the 5 minute limit
  • We MUST have at least 5 contestants signed up by September 11 or the contest WILL BE CANCELLED.
  • The decision of the judges will be final

So far we have ZERO contestants signed up, so your odds are GREAT of winning (assuming 4 other people sign up...).

Sign up TODAY or forever rue the day you failed to take your shot and swing for the bleachers, eat the peach, and drink life to the lees.

REMEMBER: there is no "I" in "Loser"!

Silverlight Firestarter Event Saturday- August 22

8/7/2009 jeffa

Spend Saturday With Silverlight

Silverlight is one of the hottest technologies from MS, so of course it is starting fires. Metaphorically, of course. This is not an actual pyromania day, even though that might be cool.

Sounds like a good time, so I've signed up.

The website seems to be down at the moment, but it is usually found at

Register here.

Welcome is at 8:00 am and the agenda kicks in at 8:30.

Speaking of the agenda, here it is:

  • Silverlight Soup to Nuts
  • The Anatomy of a Silverlight Application
  • Data and Services
  • Lunch with a Silverlight Dessert
  • Lighting Up Your UI
  • Beyond the Plug-in
  • Multimedia
  • Design Tools
  • Deployment Strategies
  • Third Party Tools
  • Silverlight Community

Don't Forget GGMUG Meeting This Thursday

I hope everyone can come to this one since the speaker will be me...

The topic will be "MVC In A Webhosted Environment".

Living within the constraints of a hosted world are radically different than having full control of your own servers. My examples will come from since that's who I use for my websites (which, ironically, I haven't yet converted to MVC, but I'm working on it!). My example code will come from the blogging engine I am writing in MVC (see, I told you I'm working on it!). Folks who were at the July meeting got a taste of the direction I'm heading with the Linq To XML short session I did.

Regular meeting time and place: Gwinnett Tech, Building 100, Room 401 @ 6:30 PM.

Sign Up Now For Speaker Idol in October!

See the previous blog entry at GGMUG website for more details.