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Update on the Update

3/1/2009 jeffa

Looks like I was able to work out the bug just a few minutes after posting that I couldn't figure out the bug...

You should now be able to upload a photo to go with your profile info.

Please keep the photos 100 x 100 pixels or less and in either JPG or PNG format.


Working On Website

3/1/2009 jeffa

If you've been to the website lately, you can tell I'm making lots of changes. Hopefully for the better.

Other than the obvious cosmetic changes, I've added the ability to register. This will allow you to subscribe to our emails as well as enter your info into our user group member directory.

Once you register you will have access to the My Profile page where you can enter the info you want to have displayed. If you don't enter anything here, then nothing will be displayed on the Member Directory.

I'm still working on the photo upload that lets you include your picture in the directory. It works locally, but not on GoDaddy (the host I use). Not sure what the problem is, since I do this all the time with the webcomic... Hopefully have the wrinkles ironed out shortly. I think the ability to put names to faces would be very helpful.

That's it for now. Hope you like the updates.


February Meeting - NOTE DIFFERENT ROOM

1/29/2009 jeffa

Our February and March meetings will be held in a different room than the one we normally use.

For February and March we will meet in room 106.

Room 106 is to the right when you come in the MAIN ENTRANCE to building 100. If you normally enter the building through the doors just outside our normal meeting room, remember that for these meetings you should come in the main entrance.

As usual the meeting will be held on the second Thursday of the month, which will be the 12th. The time will stay the same: 6:30 PM meet and greet followed by the meeting at 7.

Our guest this time will be Erik Veerman who will be talking about using SQL Server Integration Services to perform ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations.

Erik is an expert in business intelligence and author of several books including Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services from Wrox. He is a Mentor for Solid Quality Mentors.

I look forward to seeing everyone in February!


Intro To SQL Server Class

1/8/2009 jeffa

Gwinnett County Schools are running a Community Schools program and have asked that we mention an Intro To SQL Server Class that will be offered later this month.

According to the website, the goal of the GCPS Community School program is to extend education and recreation to the community.

The instructor is:
Bob Langley
Database Administrator
Forsyth County Government - IT Dept.

You can contact him at

The website is organized by school, so to see this class, click the Peachtree Ridge link. Or click that link...

There are a number of other classes including an Intro To Oracle as well. Check the website for more details.