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February Meeting 2/10/11 At Georgia Gwinnett College

2/3/2011 jeffa

Different Location!!!

Please note that we will NOT be meeting in our usual location this month!!!!!

Due to scheduling conflict at Gwinnett Tech, we have been invited to meet at Georgia Gwinnett College which is a couple exits farther up 316.

We will be hosted by the student association AITP (Association of IT Professionals) who were KEY volunteers for GiveCamp Atlanta.

For direction to the campus go here:

We will be in the B building in room 1600.

We will begin at 6:30 PM.


Presented by Jarrett Vance

ASP.NET MVC 3 is a framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications using well-established design patterns and the power of ASP.NET and the .NET Framework. The latest version includes great new features: razor view engine, expanded validation, and built in support for dependency injection.

Jarrett Vance, MCSD lives in Birmingham, Al and is a senior consultant for Computer Technology Solutions, Inc. He has experience in many areas of software engineering including QA, BI, machine vision, desktop, mobile, and web.  However, Jarrett prefers building enterprise web applications. In his spare time, Jarrett works on an open-source blogging platform called AtomSite.

See You Thursday!


January 2011 Meeting CANCELLED

1/11/2011 jeffa

Since the weather is not being very friendly and so many institutions and businesses have been closed, I'm going to make the executive decision to cancel our meeting.

The roads may be in perfect shape by Thursday, or they may not. I want to make the decision now so everyone has time to make other plans.

I'll see everyone in February!


January 2011 Meeting Thursday (1/13/11)

1/8/2011 jeffa

Don't miss the first GGMUG meeting of the year!

Unfortunately I'll be doing exactly that. Thursday will be the last night before GiveCamp, and I'll be racing around getting everything ready.

HUGE thanks to Alan Hecht for volunteering to run the meeting in my absence!

We'll be trying something new with this meeting. Alan is going to show a couple of the TekPub screencasts and then lead discussions of the content. We have some one month subscriptions to hand out and the quality of the info is excellent. I have personally been going through their series on Mastering Git and have really enjoyed it.

Meeting details are as usual thanks to our good friends at Gwinnett Tech.

  • 6:30 PM
  • Room 401 of building 100
  • Gwinnett Technical College
  • Everyone is welcome!

Last Chance For GiveCamp!

If you haven't signed up for GiveCamp time is running out!

We will be starting next Friday with volunteers and non-profits arriving from 3:00 PM until 6:00. Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM followed by our kick-off meeting at 7:00.

Unlike some GiveCamps we will NOT be going all night long. We will shut down at 11:00 PM and resume at 8:00 AM on Saturday with the same end/start times for Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I can't stress how much fun and satisfaction you'll get from volunteering for GiveCamp.

We'll be providing all your meals, snacks and drinks. Especially coffee. Trust me on this one, I have a stack of boxes from Green Mountain Coffee by my front door that is as tall as I am!

I'd Like To Volunteer, But I Can't Be There All Weekend!

Don't worry! If you can be there a portion of Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I could use your help on the organization side.

Just let me know what times on which days you can be available, and I'm sure I can find something for you to do.

Have a great GGMUG meeting without me and SIGN UP FOR GIVECAMP!!!


Intro To jQuery Slides

12/10/2010 jeffa

Here is a link to the slides I used in my Intro To jQuery presentation last night.

I did it completely online since that's really where jQuery lives. These were slides in the truest sense that there isn't any explanation with them since I was talking about the details. At some point I'll try to go back and annotate the slides. We both know I won't really do that, but at least if I say it here we can feel good for the .0003 seconds before we realize it'll never happen.

One note is that on the DHTML slide, you should click the actual bullet items to see something happen. You should also use your browser's "View Source" option to see the actual jQuery code.