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Move To EverLeap

5/23/2015 jeffa

GGMUG's website is now hosted by EverLeap!

Since we began using MeetUp to schedule our meetings and mainain our mailing list, we really haven't done much with the old website here.

In the spirit of spring cleaning I have made some changes, not the least of which is the move to EverLeap.

Oh, I hear you ask, what is EverLeap?

If I were to write marketing for EverLeap I'd say something like "It's the cloud for the little guy."

I might even refer to it as the "cloud" with a "little c."

More accurately it is the cloud for the guy who isn't a giant multi-national conglomerate who plans to spend many millions of dollars on the cloud this year.

A sad fact when dealing with one of the "big players" is that when it comes to support they have to prioritize their efforts towards their biggest customers. Odds are you aren't one of those biggest customers...

What I like about EverLeap is that it is built on the same technology as Microsoft's Azure, but owned by DiscountAsp.Net.

What you get with EverLeap is the equivalent of Azure's Websites: fully managed servers and databases. You don't have to patch and secure the OS. You just upload your apps.

Where they compete favorably with Azure is in price and service. Yes, they are less expensive overall, but to me the biggest draw is support and service. You don't have to be the aforementioned uber corporation to get help. DiscountAsp has sponsored the GGMUG website since 2011 and every time I have needed help, they have been there for me. I figure if they do that for sponsored accounts that make them ZERO dollars, then they are a great choice for small to medium sized businesses.

If you are thinking about moving a web app to the cloud, but you don't expect to spend many millions of dollars, I'd highly recommend you check out EverLeap.

Of course I expect the EverLeap folks would like me to point out that if you do plan to spend many millions of dollars, they will not turn you away either...

MeetUp Is The Place For GGMUG Updates

5/10/2013 jeffa

If you haven't followed the link to and signed up for the GGMUG group, then you won't be getting our updates and meeting announcements. Oh NO!

I am going to keep the site here, but meeting announcements won't be listed here except in the MeetUp box in the left column.

If you want to know what's coming up for GGMUG, be sure to sign up at MeetUp.

Beginning jQuery and jQueryUI: 2/9/2012

2/7/2012 jeffa

jQuery is a HUGELY popular library for working with JavaScript and AJAX. jQuery UI is an increasingly popular toolkit for theming and adding pizzazz to your website.

Jeff Ammons will be presenting a full session that expands on the short intro he did at our December meeting.
If you want to lean the basics and find out how to make them play nice with Microsoft, then this is the meeting for you.
As always, everyone is welcome to attend.
Note: We are in Building 100, Room 401
Meeting time: 6:30 PM
Date: 2/9/2012